Series one

Marble Series


Space application:

Brief Description : Thin Tile , Marble Series .Thickness is just 4.8mm. Size : 600*1200mm

Surface Treatment:Glazed/Matte

Water Absorption:<0.05%

Usage : Floor and Wall ,suitable for any indoor&outdoor places.... 

Certification : ISO9001:2008,CTC,GB/T19001~2008,GB/T4100-2006                        

Space application:

  • JSYP1206-01
  • JSYP1206-03
  • JSLP1206-09/JSYP1206-09
  • JSLP1206-13/JSYP1206-13
  • JSLP1206-15
  • JSLP1206-17
  • JSLP1206-19/JSYP1206-19
  • JSLP1206-21
  • JSLP1206-22
  • JSLP1206-23
  • JSLP1206-24
  • JSLP1206-25/JSYP1206-25
  • JSLP1206-31
  • JSLP1206-32/JSYP1206-32
  • JSLP1206-33
  • JSLP1206-34
  • JSLP1206-35
  • JSLP1206-36
  • JSLP1206-37
  • JSLP1206-38
  • JSLP1206-39
  • JSLP1206-40
  • JSLP1206-41
  • JSLP1206-42
  • JSLP1206-43
  • JSLP1206-44
  • JSLP1206-45
  • JSLP1206-46
  • JSLP1206-47
  • JSLP1206-48
  • JSLP1206-49
  • JSLP1206-50
  • JSLP1206-51
  • JSLP1206-52
  • JSLP1206-53
  • JSLP1206-54
  • JXLP1206-11
  • JXLP1206-12
  • JXLP1206-13
  • JXLP1206-14



Item NoJSLP1206-13/JSYP1206-13


Water Absorption<0.05%
Surface TreatmentGlazed/Matte
Average Breaking Strength>747N
Modulus of Rupture59
Mohs Value5-6




The Effect Pictures of Decoration      






1.Wet Fitting Directly with Tiles Adhesive


2,Esterna Facade

blob.png blob.png

3,Thermal Insulation System 




 Standard Export Pallet and Carton Packing






     AS you know, slim tiles is porcelain tiles ,but also different with porcelain tile. It is a kind of new material that become more & more popular at present, because of outstanding features contrasting to the traditional ceramics  
         1, More thinner and lighter. Thickness is only 4.8mm,and the weight is 8kg/pcs
         2, Due to the lightness,  it will cut your cost In aspects :
              Save freight :  2200 SQM / 20GP, nearly triple quantity can be loaded than traditional tile .
              Save storage more sqms can be placed in warehouse than before.
             Save human cost,  one people work as two or more because of only 8kg / pc (1200x600x4.8mm), one worker can pave 30sqm
         3Perfect for rebuilding of old house.
               no need to smash the old tiles of your building, just put Slim tiles on the surface of your original tiles after your finding the level of it. That will be saving installation cost highly, keeping quite ,saving time & no dust in construction.
         4More easier to use 
                used on wall & floor easily only need level the foundation of wall or floor.   Big size can use on wall easily.
         5.Thermal installation system can be used easily on exterior wall.

  6.Floor heating is better
         7, It can be cut to be any size with glass cutter --It's perfect for designers to decoration.
         8The size is 1200*600mm,looks more elegant and vivid ,  

              it's more beautiful while using as wall paper .Furthermore ,it's moistureproof & heat-resisting that much better than wood material and aluminum plastic panel 


    With its headquarther located in Foshan. JHD Ceramics Co.,Ltd which is a blend of ceramic production and sales of ceramic, is a modern enterprises, And it is the first professional factory in China to produce thin tiles. 

    JHD Ceramics Co.,Ltd have more than two thousand square feet of the large exhibition hall in China Ceramics Industry Headquarter.We export our product all over the world. Such as Europe, Asia, Africa,South America, ect.Also we are one of the most famous export trader in Foshan.

    In 2010,after mastering the development tendencies of ceramics and under the guideline of policies on erengy saving and emission reduction,JHD developd its new business in the manfacture of thin tiles to enhance its export trading, It invested greatly and bulit a new plant as its production base in xianning,hubei Province, The Plant occupies an area of 330,000 square meters and own 10 production lines.


Our Showroom


Our Factory




Q:Is JHD thin tiles breakable?    

               A:JHD thin tiles looks thin and large in dimensions. This gave people some impression that ultra-thin tile is breakable. In fact, this is a kind of misconception. For the traditional tile with its thickness less than 7.5 mm, its average breaking strength is 700 or a little bit more; and for ultra-thin tile, it is up to 744. You can see that ultra-thin tile is not weaker than the traditional one.

  Q:Can JHD thin tiles be used to pave in the floor? What attentions are to be considered? How to maintain the thin tiles?

         A:JHD thin tiles can not only be used to tile in the wall, but it can also be used to pave in the floor. It is a misconception in the selection of tiles that ultra-thin tile cannot be used to pave in the floor. Ultra-thin tile has great advantage on wall-tiling. If it is used to pave in the floor, and if the floor is flat enough, there is no difference between the ultra-thin tile and the traditional tile/brick, and the former has more elegant appearance than the latter

 Q:For wet tiling on the outside wall of building, can thin tiles only be used for the section lower than 24 meters?

          A:No. Such a limitation is only a recommendation in our country. And in abroad, there is not such a limitation. If it specially designed and tested, thin tiles can be used without such limitation. An office building with its height of 69 meters, which is owned by Xianning Justice Bureau, Hubei Province, was wet-tiled with JHD thin tiles for all the height. This is a successful demonstration on application of JHD thin tiles.

 Q:What adhesive is to be used to tile JHD thin tiles? And how much is the price for the adhesive?

         A:For tiling the wall (indoors or outdoors), it is recommended that glue for tile would be used. At present the best glue brands are from USA, Germany and British. And JHD Co., Ltd   cooperates with those enterprises and provides customer with the glue and the service. On the  current market, the price of normal glue for tile is usd 200 --- 400/ton, For some top brands in the world, the price of it is usd 300---500/ton.